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OAK is your real-time data powered energy manager. With an OAK membership, your potential energy savings outweigh the costs. We help you achieve your compliance requirements and carbon neutral goals, all whilst saving you money!

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40% of our world-wide emissions goals can solely be reached through energy management systems.*

Smart Business Control

*IEA Sustainable
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Advanced tracking

It's never been easier
to track your energy efficiency (EMOS)

An electricity bill only provides information on your electricity consumption. However, to truly understand and reduce your energy usage, including identifying where it is being used, spotting trends, reducing wastage, and tracking inefficient appliances, you need an energy management system (EMS).

Now with multi-site management.

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In-depth monitoring

Operational efficiency - 24/7

Get notified instantly about any unusual energy usage. Our sophisticated predictive maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns by alerting you when your equipment needs maintenance.


Simple, yet powerful

Reduce excess energy wastage. Let your membership pay for itself. Progress towards your carbon neutrality goal powered by real-time data.
OAK: Your all-in-one energy management solution.

Excessive Usage Alerts

Receive alerts whenever your consumption exceeds normal levels and keep up-to-date with the performance of your business.

Alert Trend Analysis

Predictive Maintenance

Get notifications when your equipment needs maintenance to prevent unexpected costly breakdowns potentially causing thousands of £££ in lost revenue.

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Bill Validation

With our solution you can now recognise instances of overcharging, consolidate records into a single location, and forecast for future invoices.

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Site Performance Reports
Monthly, Quarterly and Annualy

We deliver a bespoke analysis of your site, deep diving into each appliance to identify energy savings potential and optimisation opportunity. All while providing you with neccessary compliance & performance reporting delivered directly to your email inbox.

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A Tailored Dashboard to meet different needs

Management & operations receive their separate accounts so management gets clear oversight while operations deals with the day-to-day insights.

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Data Science & AI - Techkit X Webflow Template

Industry Benchmarking

Assess your business efficiency performance by anonymously comparing it to other businesses in your industry.

OAK Industry Benchmarking
Use Cases


We can establish optimal green infrastructure projects with your ideal ROI and payback period, making a data-backed case for 3rd party financing via your bank or OAK’s trusted partners.

Financing Options

Equipment Monitoring

Monitor individual appliances and identify inefficiencies throughout your business.

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Data Science & AI - Techkit X Webflow Template

All the Single-Site Benefits

Our esteemed multi-site clients benefit from the entire feature set of the single-site plans.

Average Hourly Cost
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Multi Site Comparison

Central Dashboard to manage all of your portfolios in one place.

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Community ESCO

A unified entity that manages portfolios and leverages smart data for more efficient decision-making and economies of scale.

Open API

Improve your current system's capabilities by integrating OAK's powerful API.

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Staff Training and Engagement Programme

Structured approach to developing and improving the knowledge, skills, and motivation of employees.

OAK Staff Training

Net ZERO Strategy

A customised overview designed to address the gaps
in your current strategy so you know how to fill them.

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Book a Demo with The OAK Network today!

Gain compelling insights into your energy efficiency potential.

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Case studies

Turning Data into Savings

Discover the impact of OAK Network on its members, driving remarkable energy savings through well-informed choices. Our software is a true gamechanger in the field of energy management.

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£60,008 of annual savings and a much more efficiently running manufacturing process.

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Shared Office Space

In this case study, we explore how OAK Network helped a shared office space identify their energy savings potential.

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As energy costs make up a substantial part of operational expenses, reducing electricity consumption is a crucial concern for the hospitality industry.

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This Case Study presents two clients in the Distillery industry that have implemented OAK at their sites in Scotland.

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OAK Report

OAK Report

This is an example of an OAK report.

Read More
More than just a team

OAK Network

We are an international team that prioritises impact over profit to better our planet for future generations.

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our Mission

We believe that every business is capable of making a difference and moving towards net zero. OAK Network is dedicated to guiding and supporting you at every step of the way.



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zero budget required

Become a
responsible business.

We guarantee best results.
With our OAK membership, your potential energy savings outweigh the cost. If they don't, we'll cover the difference, ensuring you always benefit from optimising your energy usage. Join us now for a more sustainable future!

Not only that - our energy sensors running OAK are 100% tax deductible. There has never been an easier time to cut your business' consumption.

data and Safety

Safe and secure
solution - out of the box.

Our commitment to safeguarding sensitive energy usage data led us to integrate cutting-edge encryption and ensure GDPR compliance within our product.

We safely install OAK software with EN 61010-1 and EN 61010-2-030 (CE) security standards to ensure your privacy.

Let’s take your analytics to the next level

40% of our climate goals can be achieved through energy management systems alone. Currently, our sensors are 100% tax deductible. Get started on your energy saving journey now to reap the full rewards of this benefit!

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