CAPEX Optimisations

OAK recommends the best CAPEX offers, available with financing. Based on the data from the businesses in our network, we are able to combine purchases to gain economies of scale for your GreenInfrastructure Investments.

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Advanced tracking

Data-Backed ROI & Financing

OAK provides a data-backed ROI to recommend CAPEX investments as well as the option to finance them through our network. This way you will always have all the information to make an informed decision and receive the best ROI.

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In-depth monitoring

One-click Estimate

It takes one click to request a Tailored estimate for your CAPEX investment of choice, including savings and ROI, as well as Financing Options for all asset classes.

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Advanced tracking

Power of Network

We bundle OAK Members' investments to negotiate better rates for your investment. The more scale, the more cost-effective it is for you and your business.


CAPEX Case Studies

A few of OAK CAPEX Savings examples...

Excessive usage alerts

Receive alerts whenever your consumption exceeds normal levels and keep up-to-date with the performance of your business.

Alert Trend Analysis

Predictive Maintenance

Get notifications when your equipment needs maintenance to prevent unexpected costly breakdowns potentially causing thousands of £££ in lost revenue.

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Bill Validation

With our solution you can now recognise instances of overcharging, consolidate records into a single location, and forecast for future invoices.

OAK Energy Forecasting
OAK Usage Chart

Site Performance Reports
Monthly, Quarterly and Annualy

We deliver a bespoke analysis of your site, deep diving into each appliance to identify energy savings potential and optimisation opportunity. All while providing you with neccessary compliance & performance reporting delivered directly to your email inbox.

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A Tailored Dashboard to meet different needs

Management & operations receive their separate accounts so management gets clear oversight while operations deals with the day-to-day insights.

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Data Science & AI - Techkit X Webflow Template

Industry Benchmarking

Assess your business efficiency performance by anonymously comparing it to other businesses in your industry.

OAK Industry Benchmarking
Use Cases


We can establish optimal green infrastructure projects with your ideal ROI and payback period, making a data-backed case for 3rd party financing via your bank or OAK’s trusted partners.

Financing Options

Equipment Monitoring

Separate accounts for business owners and their management teams.

OAK Runtime Analysis
Data Science & AI - Techkit X Webflow Template
Data Science & AI - Techkit X Webflow Template

Voltage Optimiser

OAK identified a need for a Voltage Optimiser and brought the client a financing deal with a net yearly savings of £3,549 inclusive of financing payments. This will likely save them between £55-62,000 in the next 10 years. ROI is 2.9 Years.


A Client purchased LED and is has reduced lighting cost by 48%, this saves them £4,321 / Month. This project had an ROI of 3.5 Years.

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