Multi-Site Control.

From a Senior Management perspective, you can gain all the insights at a glance of your full portfolio and understand exactly what site(s) to invest your time and money into, removing all the guesswork, replacing it with facts through data and allowing you to execute informed decisions in a timely manner.

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Advanced tracking

Multi-Site Management? Made Easy

OAK is your central Dashboard to manage all of your portfolios in one place. Get live insights into latest consumption, cost, abnormal usage... etc. While having all KPIs at hand to take informed decisions.

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In-depth monitoring

Identify improvments in one click

Compare site performances and understand with one click which sites need attention and what to action.

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Compliance Reporting

Compliance: ESOS, SECR, ISO50001…?

OAK can provide the information you required for compliance in terms of electricity consumption for your whole portfolio automattically.

Alert Features


OAK can tailor alerts to your business need, below are the alerts we send out as standard.

Excessive usage alerts

Receive alerts whenever your consumption exceeds normal levels and keep up-to-date with the performance of your business.

Alert Trend Analysis

Predictive Maintenance

Get notifications when your equipment needs maintenance to prevent unexpected costly breakdowns potentially causing thousands of £££ in lost revenue.

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Bill Validation

With our solution you can now recognise instances of overcharging, consolidate records into a single location, and forecast for future invoices.

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Site Performance Reports
Monthly, Quarterly and Annualy

We deliver a bespoke analysis of your site, deep diving into each appliance to identify energy savings potential and optimisation opportunity. All while providing you with neccessary compliance & performance reporting delivered directly to your email inbox.

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A Tailored Dashboard to meet different needs

Management & operations receive their separate accounts so management gets clear oversight while operations deals with the day-to-day insights.

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Industry Benchmarking

Assess your business efficiency performance by anonymously comparing it to other businesses in your industry.

OAK Industry Benchmarking
Use Cases


We can establish optimal green infrastructure projects with your ideal ROI and payback period, making a data-backed case for 3rd party financing via your bank or OAK’s trusted partners.

Financing Options

Equipment Monitoring

Separate accounts for business owners and their management teams.

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Data Science & AI - Techkit X Webflow Template

Abnormal Consumption

We will notify you of abnormal consumption that happens on site, this includes high general consumption, Abnormal equipment consumption based on hour and consumption as well as a change of pattern. Consuming outside of hours for example.

Average Hourly Cost
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Super Critical Alerts

OAK has three categories of alert priority, Super Critical Alerts are the alerts which require immediate attention, Critical require attention soon and non critical are good to keep an eye on.

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Appliance Health

OAK will make you aware of the health of your appliances, as we track the consumption we will notice any change and if it falls into a health concern we will let you know.

OAK Energy Forecasting

Consumption Recommendations

Based on external data such as Agile Tariffs (Dynamic Pricing), Weather, ambient Temperature, Production data, Maintenance Schedule, Occupancy data… etc. OAK will recommend a schedule to optimise according to these extra variables.

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Staff Training and Engagement Program

Structured approach to developing and improving the knowledge, skills, and motivation of employees.

OAK Staff Training

Net ZERO Strategy

A customised overview designed to address the gaps
in your current strategy so you know how to fill them.

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Book a Demo with The OAK Network today!

Gain compelling insights into your energy efficiency potential.

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Case study

Electricity Optimisation for a Manufacturer

An industrial manufacturing company was experiencing a significant increase in their electricity bills, despite a great electricity rate. They struggled to identify the underlying cause of their escalating costs, as their energy consumption kept increasing.

That’s when they decided to partner with OAK Network to conduct an electricity optimisation analysis. OAK’s team of experts performed a comprehensive review of the client’s energy usage and identified several areas where they could reduce their energy consumption and costs.

Potential Annual Savings




The recommendations provided were customized to suit the specific energy needs of the manufacturing industry and aimed to assist in achieving optimal energy savings.
Once the energy-efficient solutions are implemented, OAK Client should see a significant reduction in their electricity consumption and costs. An impressive £60,008 of annual savings are predicted to be achieved.

OAK’s solutions will also help manufacturer to reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability, aligning with the company’s corporate social responsibility goals.

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Case study

Electricity Optimisation for Shared Office Space

In this case study, we explore how OAK Network helped a shared office space identify their energy savings potential. With multiple businesses operating within the building, energy usage was a significant expense that needed to be addressed.

By conducting a thorough energy audit, OAK was able to pinpoint areas of inefficiency and waste. The audit results revealed that shared space owners were wasting around £100 per day, leading to an annual wastage of £37,000.

Potential Annual Savings




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Case study

Electricity Optimisation for Hotel

As energy costs make up a substantial part of operational expenses, reducing electricity consumption is a crucial concern for the hospitality industry. In the context of this case study, the hotel’s annual electricity consumption is expected to be around £360,000.

To address this concern, the hotel’s management is collaborating with OAK to implement various measures that will help reduce electricity wastage. The hotel’s commitment to operating sustainably is reflected in their daily actions, which are now supported by live data visible on OAK Insights.

Potential Annual Savings


£ - 1,4 THOUSAND

CO2 - 1,2 TONNES

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OAK Report

OAK Report - Example

As rising electricity costs continue to impact the hospitality industry, OAK is here to help establishments address this challenge. Our cutting-edge OAK Intelligence platform provides businesses with the tools and insights they need to optimize their electricity usage, reduce costs, and improve profitability.

With our expert guidance and support, establishments can implement energy-efficient measures, adopt renewable energy sources, and achieve maximum cost savings.Experience the OAK insights by downloading our report example below.

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